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Jay 周杰倫 <<一路向北>>
06.28.05 (5:10 am)   [edit]

every morning as i prepare for school and every night when i am finally back home, jay's 一路向北 is always by my side. ^_____^ this feels like the 64th time I've been playing the song. realistically estimated. ;P

such a sad song... :(

i know the anime techno soundtrack is immensely gooooood. but the OST for the movie iz also damn chun. stuck in my head d, haha... of cos la, jay do wan. ^^ today yik jun sang one line of the movie theme song - 飄移 (drifting)! i think i nearly scared him cos i got all jumpy and excited, haha... the little hints of obsession. =P

woo... sakit giler. ( T T ) i'm so crazee, yesterday played badminton, karate, volleyball and basketball. now whole body aching... T-T sit down = pain. stand up = pain. walk up stairs = pain. walk down stairs = pain. squat down = pain. balance on one leg = pain! argh...!! x____x|ll

but frankly speaking, yesterday's badminton during PE was the best game i've played in ages. probly cos i never usually play, haha. more to ball games ler me. and always mayb cos i tried harder than i usually do. =P thanks for the good game, wei. =) we sure sweated a lot. sweat until no one noticed when dpaa splashed water on me during lunch. siau~ >(

p.s. NO ONE USE SCHOOL LIBRARY COMP TO VIEW MY BLOG!! Dorno why the blog layout appear looking so cacated. gahh!! idealistically, all the comps there got graphic card problem, bwahahaha... zzz... XD

happy birthday, daddy! ^_____^
06.25.05 (8:10 am)   [edit]

Happy B'day to the Best Daddy in the World! muahxx! 

we were jz done with the cake-cutting. =)

~of pigs, champagne and b'day cake. daddy's bday present! cute and meaningful and now sitting prettily in fronto the tv as i write this. ^_____^

tiramisu mousse, yummy~!! behind the cake is my reward for beautifying my parents' vewy vewy important PP slideshow - 12 packets = 24 sticks of kinder bueno chocwut! ahahaha... not funny. where's my gaji?! T-T

Initial D - too diao for words
06.25.05 (4:22 am)   [edit]

AIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!! Watched INITIAL D today!! yay yay yay yay~!! 

went to sunway pyramid wif wei and jie after watching ken play tennis at klgcc (wei li almost killed me cos his coach tot I am his sister, lol!).

the movie was soooo awesome! back to being obsessed with jay chou and initial d, haha! wei li was a bit let down about some of the changes made to the story and characters. i think jay played takumi very well. blur dou... haha! he's so cute speaking in canto! ^^ my fave artiste, my fave anime and now my fave movie! bliss~!

all in all, i think they chose the perfect cast, esp. anthony wong as bunta! and that Chapman To as Itsuki. so farnee... just leave it to the hongkongers to make us laugh! XD

... and i actually cried during the scene jay cried in. yikes... > <

anywayz... today'z:
good news: we got to watch initial d! =D
bad news: didn't get to go red box. nxt time la. =)
good news: bawt all the presents for upcoming bdayz!
bad news: left dad's present at memory lane, zzz... |-P
good news: in time to make a u-turn to go back n get it, haha... =P
bad news: my tattoo eventually smeared. sigh, bye bye 25 bucks. T.T

^ 3-3. tie. not bad. lol... :D

last but not least, to jie and wei for the great time today! ^____^

p.s. eric, if you gonna watch initial d, i ikuting to watch again! ^^v

T.G.I.F. =D
06.24.05 (8:45 am)   [edit]

one of the slackiest school days ever. only one of the five periods this Friday can be classified as education. But it was nice to see Chee June and Zaid watering each other. Yesterday it was CJ and Eli. Sacrificing my water bottle was worthwhile after all. :D

The Star should've came to cover the news today: Pizza Hut Tmn Maluri dibanjiri pelajar2 yg kebuluran. Free pizza, yay! so many hungry sri gardeners. had to wait for a place to sit, then 11 of us joined tables and makan together! nice, lol... regret forgetting my camera. T.T

Nevertheless, the thing i felt most blessed for today was not the free periods, the free pizza or the free show of wasting water. i got to spend time with a childhood friend at jj after lunch, even long after everybody had left. it was the first time in a long time since we talked so much about so many things as we walked the whole of jj waiting for transport. lol...

i'm really thankful for that and most of all, this friend of mine. you know who you are. thanks for your time, dude. ;)

food scavenger *caw caw*
06.23.05 (5:35 am)   [edit]

Currently hooked on: Coldplay - The Scientist

^ play this song once i wake up evry morning. since monday. =P

deep, wei n i were unusually hungry today. for dpaa, itz most probly pms. seriously. XD i finished my food during break, then stole deep's chips. go home raid fridge since cudn't go buy McD. double cheeseburger craving. suddenly i'm so hungry today. lolz...

Yesterday at 1 Utama Outdoor Car Park, approx. 5pm. Initial D Movie Carnival! =D Went with Wei straight after skewl. Thanks, mom! =)

So many ppl waiting but the thing only started 2 hrs later. zzz... ( - -") we waited until 5.30pm, sacrified our good spot since jay only coming at 7.30pm. hungry mar. returned near 7. that time the place even fuller. ppl climbing on chairs and tables d. o.O on ladder oso got. next time go to any of these things must bring foldable chairs to stand on, lol! XD

and so sucky lar... didn't really see the drifting, sob... i wasn't watching from a good place, lame... the racing cars were su-weet, but i sort of expected the cast to demo or sumthin.

jay chou and the rest came out at 7.30pm. i cudnt rly see if all of them were there - edison, shawn, anthony, jordan. i dont think anne was there tho. before that they picked out a few of the audience to come onstage and try imitating racing cars. one guy was screaming away, so farnee... XD

i so far back in the crowd, so hot and sweaty. jumping to see jay, haha... samo tiptoe until my calves cramp, lol... not rly any good pics to put up, sad...ergh, must get a better digicam. at least got some neat merchandise. and at least i was there. thnx jie and ah moo!

gonna watch the movie soon. yay! ^_____^

nah, best bad picture i managed to get. will get more from ah moo. ^^v

ner, dats jay's in the red shirt! next to him iz edison with a new haircut, zzz... haha... my 3-year-old camera on night mode sux. T-T

diao bu diao~ 8)

going too fast... x____x|ll
06.18.05 (6:33 am)   [edit]

aih... back after being 12 hrs outside home since 7.30am. It's a Saturday. And also the first day of pmr seminar. so deliberately coincidental. Tmr also have to go for second day. What's worse, it's a Sunday! School till late evening during weekend. Wheeeee~ my nightmare came true, sob... :cry:

Super pissed during Science session of the seminar, cha dou... Memang in English mar, but slideshow in BM wor! Siau lang... datz why start become restless. Geography oso kenot get wut he sed. Bad transmission. ( - -")

Yay... jz d/led 3EB songs, ones I nvr hear before. Didn't know they swear in their songs. o.O Only one la, so far. And they do that dog-panting sound effect, so cute! haha... ^^

jeng jeng jeng jeng... :D

ish... Tzu Ken mia hamsap hand! Jking la, tai ko! =P I LURVE this pic! absolutely! You know why? Cos Dharma looks so horny, haha... Sorry yah dudes, i publicize this, hehe... but my copyright wor... sue me sue me! XD

fine fine, let's make dis fair. nah! XD

Lollipop ad! 8) Aih, so exhausting, have to shoot ad before bm session, lol! argh, where r my spikes!! gone, all gone...!! Damn cold in the hall today, brrrr... Muz bring jacket tmr.

Oh yah, Kahjie sit with me during lunch today, eat watermelon together, haha... Talked, then I had to go back in. So long hvn't tok like this d. nice. =) Love you, jie! And great job on the comp (even tho' u khai)! XD

"tok to der hand..." hahaha... tzuk and john, my clowns for today! John, who not satisfied with his friend ar?? hahaha... XD

Just for fun... like the orange, so tangkap. Telekom must pay me for dis, ahahaha... =P

Ergh... first it was Banana Phone, then yesterday Mariah Carey's Always Be My Baby, now My Immortal is gonna get hammered and stuck in my head. hehehehe. nice. nice. ^______^

nite nite. =)

a total eclipse of the heart
06.16.05 (5:12 am)   [edit]

Wow, Ming Yi's new record! No catnaps in four days in a row this week!! From Monday till now! Gahh!! T-T

I noticed some changes... Before and during the holidays, I was an avid writer. Nearing the end of the holidays and after that, when school restarted, I am reading and drawing more often instead. o.O

I've been sketching things in school since Monday. At the rate I'm going, I'm drawing at least one piece per day. Suddenly, I start drawing again, what is this?? But I can be good at pencil sketches! :D The only thing I'm the biggest sucker at is colouring, haha...

Plus, Mom bawt me three novels and I haven't started on any of them. Still on Stephen King. Then it's the last Dan Brown book! Digital Fortress!!! Finally, I got it, yay~ You know, Mom bought it for me at Borders and I squealed at her for getting the wrong edition. I wanted the other cover so we went back in to change the one book and came out with it and another two books. Mother and I saw the Buy 3 Free 2 sign, lol! XD

Samo haven't buy some other coupla books I've been longing to read. Heck, it's so near PMR!! > < praaaaay... this year has just got to end fast!!

:: pickies ::

Taken by my brother. =) These darlings are amusement park addicts, nearly killed me going on two particular rides with them four times EACH!! x_____x|ll

Fooling around and taking dumb pictures with Bro. In the car nothing to do mar~! I know, I know, I'm a big kid with the word "goof" written all over my face.

Ehehehehe... no comment. :lol:

reminder: kill tzuken in school tomorrow for playing with my camera and recording mr ramesh's class. the little sneak. gasp! tomorrow! report card day! Parents are so gonna kill me. I am at the top of the bottom of the class again. Sigh... :(

a kid again
06.11.05 (8:42 am)   [edit]

Got my hair cut today. Addy did a great job as usual! :D Mum and I were nearly an hour late for the appointment, ahaha... typical me. =P

My hair is really short now. It's usually this short when I get my hair cut every two or three months. But this time, I told Addy I wanted to spike it. So he cut it to spike up even if I don't put hairclay or anything. Yay~

But later still got put clay. Addy put for me, then look so ying d wif all the spikes! Ahahaha, perasan. I bought one small unit of it before leaving. Not cheap stuff eh, RM55 for 50g of hairclay. o.O Most expensive hair product I ever bought, haha...

But not like Simon la, that guy use his mother's marnee buy RM70 worth of hair products, lol... Not like me. Mine is worthwhile, coz later at Times Square, one of the staff at the theme park thought I was a guy!! Wahahaha~ He tot I was a guy when he was checking everyone before the roller coaster ride started. Oh joy! Haha, tomtom pride, lol! XD

Yeah, I was in the theme park for two hours today, argh! Nearly went crazy... x_____x|ll aih, what to do, my three little Singaporean sisters here for holiday mar, so as long as they're here, that's how long i become big sister. ( - -") They're cute but scary, always clinging on me! Haihzzz... like koala bear. ( - -") Gonna tear me apart soon...

Bawt new schoolbag. Actually, it's the same as my current one 'cept diffrent colour, lol... Buy same one pulak, should i have? =P Current one got tiny hole d. All the heavy books' fault la!! zzz...

And yay!! Times Square got bookstore already - Borders, a monster big one too! :D Today the girls forced me to go on the rides with them, so today's trip kinda wasted, could've gone walk walk, see how to waste money. XD

Today become 10-year-old again, never played so much in a theme park in my life, never want to again. Scared d, haha... So exhausted! Donno how those kids tahan... play and play and play the same thing like hell. Sigh... kids are so easy to satisfy. XD You ask me to walk for 6 hours, can la. Must have money wor, lol...

Nyamind, tmr (no, today, now past 12am, bwahaha) bringing them there again for movie at GSC. Mid Valley friggin hard to book ticket, man... esp. 9 tickets, haha...

... I really shouldn't blog so much, haha... temme if i do yah. ;) must refrain myself from writing and writing and writing, lolz...

Mime? +___+
06.08.05 (7:52 am)   [edit]

Hilarious Mime Routine

This mime is seriously wicked! I laughed so much...! My bro thought I was crazy till I shared it with him, haha... XD

... Finished 4 cans of 100 Plus yesterday. Today not so bad, two only, lol... But today I was awfully hungry. Craving for this and that. I fear I might be tempted to cook hot dogs in the middle of the night. Last night, Dad came home from Ipoh with the best ngou larm. Ate so very much of it! I love cow~! ^______^ Pity those who can't eat beef.

Hm... right knee is hurting a lot. ( - -")

By the way, on my last visit to Ipoh last Sunday, what happened was not very pleasant. My bro and cousin bro called my cousin sis and me down, saying that some kids were throwing rocks over our gate at Rocky. Pet dog. Black. Shiny. Very pretty. ^_____^ Oops, I mean handsome. =P

So of course, we rushed down... to find blood on the porch. I quickly grabbed Rocky and checked for wounds but I couldn't find any. Then those kids appeared at our gate again, running back and forth like a bunch of giggling twerps. Three Malay kids. Two boys, one girl. One of the boys was holding half a fecking brick, dude!

I asked them about Rocky and they ran off again. Blasted. Soon they were back (again), and the older of the boys cocked his chin up haughtily and gave me the cool look, "korang mari sini". Ten-year-old idiot. Made me so pissed at that time. (-"-)

All he had to tell us was "emak saya kata jangan biar anjing keluar". Then they left. Later I learnt that Rocky killed their cat when he went out the gate once. Probably still mad at us. Well then I wonder why their cat was out on the road too. Practically half the neighbours rear dogs, man!

Remember that newspaper report on the nine-year-old Malay boy who got bitten by a Rottweiler and got oh-I-donno-how-many stitches, forty? Sometimes I wonder if he had actually provoked the dog in the first place. Who knows, it's hard to tell.

If their mom came and told us herself, it might've been better. But apparently, she was still mad so she had her kids come and confront us like that. Throwing rocks at Rocky, hell! OK, rocks at Rocky. That's a bit ironic. ( - -")

I'm a Malaysian, yet I'm just as proud and impressed of our nation, a big multi-racial, multi-religion community living together in peace because things like the experience I had with those Malay kids can happen all the time.

It shows us how important it is to give and take and tolerate with one another. That's why I just can't help but smile every time I witness the true spirit of Malaysia that binds us all together from all walks of life, that has earned us the great respect of the global population, that just magnifies our country's social exceptionality as we continue to steadfastly progress into the new millennium.

To see Malays and Chinese and Indians laughing together is one of the simplest things in which you can undoubtedly see what I mean. In very much all of such things, I always can't help but smile. =)

My Cellular Bananular Phone!
06.07.05 (4:32 am)   [edit]

Ahahahaha, this is wacky. Go watch! XD

Banana Phone!

Courtesy of Keegan. =P

~ringringringringringringring BANANA PHONE!
               ~dingdongdingdongdingdongding BANANA PHONE!!

*gets stretchered to an asylum*

p.s. oh GAWD now it's stuck in my head! Keegan!!!

Fat Cat
06.07.05 (4:09 am)   [edit]

Mom and Grandma just looked thru my digital photo album of the vacation. Not bad ler I photograph, haha... Thanks ema, thanks ejeong for the trip!

Just an edit: the cat should have an owner. > < #1: It was too clean for an alleycat. #2: It was really tame, like i sed. #3: It was FAT. So, I was holding somebody else's cat?! Hrmm... wtv. =P

Sigh, a fat, clean, tame beach "alleycat". I actually overlooked so many details. o.O Well, it did have something on its fur, which I tot to be skin infection... and it was alone. It probably lives there, that lucky thing. - -"

Batik's pawprints, ahahaha... Still, I'm happy to have met the cat there. She kept me company. ^^ And like I said, it reminded me of a good friend.

I'm Back! *hugs comp, hugs bed* =D
06.07.05 (2:17 am)   [edit]

Ahhh... home sweet home! Didn't sleep well the two nights away from home, zzz... But this vacation was okay. Got to be near the sea again, got to hear the waves crashing upon the shore. =)

I didn't buy much tho'. S'posed to get some stuff for some of my dudes, souvenirs maybe... samo Lydia's birthday is tomorrow but meeting cancelled so sorry about the cake, Lydia, I'll buy you another. =P I didn't find the souvenirs there appealing enough to buy, haha... but I fell in love with the batik, so pricey, din buy... Actually got one place got nice stuff but didn't go, sob... T-T nyamind. harn farn. XD

Phots phots~ ^_______^

Sunset at the jetty, Lumut. Came out of the hotel just in time to see it. =) After dinner and walking whole of Lumut town centre, went back to the jetty see the night lights and makan ice-cream. I miss the sea breeze. ^^

The sunset lasted for like, two minutes?? o.O Then it left really nice clouds in the evening sky. =) Am dreaming about doing it on canvas someday. :D But for one thing, I was never good at colouring. ( - -")

This beauty landed in front of us when we were waiting for lunch at Teluk Nipah, Pangkor. Good that I got a nice shot of it. Eating by the beach is so nice. =) But erm, waves were so fierce, man. o.O Not a good time to go to Pangkor, monsoon season. x___x|ll Couldn't go swim... T-T

Did the whole Pangkor island tour thing, by van. You know the pink vans? Haha... This is the second time I did it, first was on a school trip. Bought a helluva LOT of satay ikan, yummy... Whoever wants, temme. As souvenir for you. XD

Am promoting Teluk Batik here, lol... XD Was there this morning. Okay, this is pathetic but I didn't swim. A trip to haven but didn't swim, sob... T-T So cham. Anyway, the sea was full with seaworms! > < I think they're the flat kind with a million legs that can give you rashes. o.O But heck, that is NOT why I didn't swim, okay?! Lol... short of clothes. :wink:

In Teluk Batik, couldn't swim, so made new friend. XD This green-eyed cutie was out on the beach, don't look like anyone owns her. Didn't really give her a name on the spot, but Batik should be a good name, yes? :D

She's awfully tame. I even photographed her pawprints! XD Had her sit on my lap but that time, camera already no battery. T-T Then she went to scratch the bark of the tree I was sitting underneath, came back and did the turn-around thing cats do before they lie down. So warm and fuzzy~ ^^ And I had to leave her there. T.T I was really happy about this cat because it particularly reminded me of a very good friend. =)

Last but not least, names of my four best buddies!! Love you guys!! Not all of us are in the same school now but I miss you guys loads. Let's track Maych down, that ungrateful little Singaporeanese. ( - -") I miss those canoeing trips... and the fountain. Gawd, the fountain. XD Freakish bunch of crazees we were back then. XD

Ah... perfect ending for this entry, if you don't mind me saying. And I didn't erase the etchings on the sands of Teluk Batik. Hope nobody kacau-ed. ^___~

Hair poking into my eyes ( - -")
06.04.05 (10:30 am)   [edit]

It's past 2... 2.52am, to be exact. Almost three. Which is why I am typing as quietly as I can now... in the dark. ( - -") Also, my guy cousins and my bro are here sleeping. Am I not the only girl sleeping in the living room tonight? =P

I'm up late... because I'm officially hooked on the Death Note manga. Yes, Keegan, I can hear you whooping triumphantly already. I know it's been 5 days since I started reading it but I finished like 10 parts today. Keep downloading and downloading and downloading, haha...

The story's getting very interesting now. I thought I'd go to sleep after reading part 31 but hmm... no such thing now. =P Continue reading lar. Samo I already planned not to sleep the night my cousins bunk here. Can sleep in the car tomorrow. =P

Aih... today at 1 Utama, could only enter Popular to buy calculator. Then tot sui bian buy the last Dan Brown book I don't have yet - Digital Fortress. But there dun have!! Argh... Why is it the only Dan Brown book they don't have?! I couldn't visit MPH since uncle aunt was there to lookit furniture and we're supposed to follow them. ( - -")

Nyamind. Still got the weekend before school reopen. Frankly, I've been reading more than I've been writing lately. Used to be the other way around, lol... Now holiday mar, must read kao kao. XD Currently on The Shining. And Death Note, of course! ^^

Shimi?? (- -")
06.04.05 (5:44 am)   [edit]

hrmm... back from dinner. Cousins, uncle, aunts, grandma came down from Ipoh, plus the kakak maid, all 9 of them! *faint* where am i gonna sleep tonight?!! sob... :cry:

lol... Anyway, this is pretty much my last post till the next three days, perhaps? Aunt uncle taking bro and me to Ipoh, stay one night, then to Pangkor, stay one night. I am dragging my cousin sister to go with me, mwahahahaha~!

Bleargh... haven't finish Ms Khoo's homework, ahahaha... Bring it to Pangkor with me, since my uncle damn smart. ;) Evrything studied in Form 1 and 2 semua dah luput in my brain. ( - -") Half of me wants to go back to school, half of me wants a longer holiday. zzz...

Latest blog effort: archive-linking. I am a total idiot at HTML. Still need to edit the encoding, not correct yet. This site ain't bad, but one of the sucky things is that your archives aren't auto-linked on ur blog. zzz...

zzz... i love you bed
06.03.05 (3:19 am)   [edit]

7.41pm. Just back from Low Yat. Supposed to go there fix audio player but did something real stupid, zzz... you won't want to know what. stup'd up = today kenot fix = nid to make another trip next time = dad noisy until my ears fall off. ( - -")

aih... pasar malam. to go or not to go. cds cacated. nid go change. but tired, zzz... ok, go change cd, come back makan, shower, sleep. denn tonite become internet hyena. >)

Happy B'day Anis! =D
06.02.05 (6:36 am)   [edit]

Right. I just remembered that I mite most probably b on Internet curfew tomorrow (pah!). So I'm just here to say Happy Birthday in Advance, Anis! Her birthday iz tomorrow. ;)

Check this hot chick out! ---> Anis

misothaierd... nidgoslpzzz... ( - - )
06.02.05 (6:11 am)   [edit]

haha... forget the subject, it's just zombie language. I was feeling very drained today, but so nice, napped d. =) Cos today wake up erly go for Microsoft Office seminar in Sunway. Frig, I must b the youngest person there, looking so wrong in full denim. XD

Surprisingly, I found it quite enjoyable. Well, they had this amazing speaker today. I give Dr. Nitin Paranjape two thumbs-up! =D He was cool, man. If there was one thing I learnt on the ISSDC trip to India, it's that Indians are natural speakers. I absolutely loved his sarcasm. XD I didn't know MS Office had all that. Mwehehe, projects are gonna b so much easier. =P

Then go eat lunch. Bawt sumthin. That time, Mom Dad still in restaurant and I almost couldn't pay for it. So lucky got ngam ngam, haha. So scary, lol... Samo my parents won't pay for the stuff I buy, hahaha... XD

Reached home, started napping. Poor Mom and Dad, still have to go work. They tell me this month all the goods cai cai lei. Daddy being driven crazy, one day have to make three trips to the same area to do delivery. > <

Before going out for steamboat jz now, I discovered that I nearly killed my mobile. Didn't take it out of my jeans pocket, then dump into the laundry, THEN go nap. Gila... only noticed when I couldn't find my hp, lol... Don't tell mom, haha. shhh...

... Spent some time looking thru digi phots, even rereading my diary. Sigh... too numb to care already.

Death Note
06.01.05 (8:00 am)   [edit]

Keegan's been squabbling about this amazing manga called Death Note. OK la, you weren't squabbling. Thanks for recommending. I just finished Part 1. Think I'll keep Part 2 for tomorrow. ^_____^

And thanks for finding my sketchbook, Keeg! =D OMGness, can't believe I handed it up along with the paperwork! x____x|ll

Download Death Note!


Been out all day
06.01.05 (3:33 am)   [edit]

Just back from Wei's house. Tuition. Deepaa din come, no transport. Before that was in school from 9 to 1.30. SC meeting, count funds. Saw Kel and his bros, Dharma and Boon Hong, all in skewl to play badminton.

Dad supposed to pick me up at 5, then delay until 6, so we all go and raid the fridge and watched this drama on VCD, donno Taiwanese or Korean. o.O But it's friggin farnee with a challenging, dramatic script! Then Daddy delay until 7 pulak ( - -") traffic jam, haha... =P

Hmm... must bolo the drama after pmr. mwehehe. =P

OH YEAH~! Before I forget again, SOMEONE GET ME TO SEE LUCIE SILVAS! Argh!! There's this article in The Star that you can cut out, bring it to some wisma in PJ and redeem two tix to see her showcase at Hilton KL. Date? Forgot da date!!

Pokoknya, I so bigheadprawn, now donno where the paper go to!! It's last week's Wednesday's Star newspaper! Help! I want to goooo!! sob... T-T

k. Going out for dinner d.